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Jan 3, 2023Liked by Kevin D Mackay

You really should take a look at YouTube channels dedicated to modern dance. your concerns were being expressed widely since the beginning of the 20th century, with efforts across the Americas and throughout Europe to break free of the rigidity of Western ballet and incorporate the wisdom of movement traditions across the world.

Martha Graham consulted with Joseph Campbell in her attempts to to revitalize modern dance. Jose Limon drew on dances of the indigenous peoples of his native Mexico, and John Cage, through his experiments with Zen, inspired Merce Cunningham to create stunningly new modes of movement.

And of course there was Isadora Duncan at the beginning of the 20th century who was the inspiration for much of 20th century modern dance. And speaking of a whole different tradition, from the spiritualist dances of African Americans in the 19th century to the tap dancers, jazz dancers, boogie boogie dances, rock dancing, street dancers in New York in the 70s doing their robotic like movements, and so much more, there's a whole world of modern movement.

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