Kevin, this post was on right on the beat for me-of-today, even though I'm not one of your students. I'm currently dealing with a f*online course these days, with a made up Discord "community", which has a lot of >content< and a lot of newbies asking questions - all from different backgrounds, as you described.

It's hell on earth.

But I promised myself I would be at least one month at it, studying 02 hours a day. After all, it's a monthly subscription.

Anyway, if I make it past week 2 I hope to get things going swiftly, just learning and applying what I learned, then sharing it within the "community".

It will be painful tho.

That's why you're on the right track. Just to share some examples:

1. @thebrometheus (twitter) - Psychotherapist that writes a lot of content, but which are useful! Not because you can DIY but because you can understand basic principles of human nature and his prefered method of counseling. And then he promotes his 1-on-1 counseling.

2. <https://www.parokshyogi.com/2020/06/online-guided-meditations-for.html>

Paroksh Yogi community, which are composed of anonymous yogis that recorded some free and some paid guided-meditations. Their site explicitly instruct listeners to do at least 21/48 days cicles (Mandals) before applying for guest retreats or paid retreats. "There are no shortcuts here" (<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_aKowRV-EE>) was their answer when someone wants to go directly to their camps before doing the Mandals.

To conclude this long comment, short words of encouragement - I can guarantee these weirdos exists because I'm fucking one of them, and would be happy enough to learn direct from a teacher about your posture principles then lurking around some "community" site and trying to do it my own.

Money is the only barrier here, but lest we make excuses to deathbed, I will keep on sailing my way to financial freedom, through the hells and the heavens, and you keep doing what you (planning to) do, ok? Thanks!

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Something I’ve noticed when working with people in reality, it’s far more powerful. There’s simply no way to help to the degree that you can in reality online - it becomes very much up to the student

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